The 21st Century is the era of service, and McKay Nursery  company has been helping customers for 113 years. Let us help you.

Color it Green with McKay

McKay Nursery Will Help You Create Your Private Paradise
   Professional Design Assistance
By listening, sharing ideas, and building in flexibility, we create designs perfect for your project and budget.
     Grower-Direct Benefits
McKay offers a large selection of plants-- varieties specifically grown for northern climates.  From propagation through production, we take great care to assure a quality product.
Customer-Direct Delivery
McKay brings your order directly from our nursery to you, within hours of being prepared for delivery.
Installation Options
Do the planting and save or I can make planting arrangements for you.
Completely Guaranteed Results                              Our full one -year, 100% guarantee insures success, even when you do your own planting.
Quality and Service
We know the success of your project reflects on us.  We promise to provide top-quality products and service because your success is ultimately ours.  


No matter its age or the size of the yard, your home increases in value with an expertly designed landscape

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                                                                                      Planning before planting!                               Contact me NOW for a free  scaled                       landscape design. Our designs                             show you how to sculpt the physical                     assets of your yard from a "house                        into a home you can enjoy".                                                                    
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                                                                                          Are your shrubs over grown or you                      need a new look? I can create a                          design free of charge for you as                          your first step to adding value and                       enjoyment at home.

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                   You have the option to do as                             much of the installation as you                          can do. I can help you where                            needed or arrange a complete                          installation for you.

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